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The giServer is an easy-to-use integration server for process automation and event-driven or scheduled execution of batch jobs.

Some possible usage scenarios

  • Automatic processing of incoming data files
  • Data Mining/Aggregation applications
  • Automatic Reporting
  • Big Data applications
  • Process automation
  • Development of client/server applications with batch processing

This is an easy to install product for controlling and running batch jobs within small- to medium-sized enterprise applications. In contrary to other frameworks we forego on using complex XML configuration files. Instead, an elaborate GUI managing the batch jobs is included.

We follow the guideline of “Convention over Configuration” in order to reduce complexity of configurations by standardization. Therefore we forego on using complex XML configuration files. Instead an elaborate graphical UI for server management, the giServerManager, is included.

To support this, the giServer endorses fast development of batch applications by making available all the required ready-to-use managing components.

The server-component of giServer can be installed on a computer with any current Windows system as a service. giServer is developed in Java, with an open platform and an independent architecture in mind. Therefore our software ensures safe running of work-intensive processes on various computer platforms in your company.

The batches can be run at fixed dates or triggered by events. Our batch framework also allows parallelization of mass data processing.

Each business has its own special demands on rules, performance and cost. Using giServer, you are able to develop fast and complex batch applications easily, safe and quickly, concentrating on the heart of your business rules and unhindered by other technical management demands.

gadiv is looking forward to answer your questions concerning giServer.


  • Open Source (GPL)
  • Multi-client/tenancy-capable
  • Parallel batch processing
  • Queues for sequential execution of batch jobs
  • Unlimited queues for each client
  • Scheduled and periodical start of batches
  • Triggered start of batches
  • Manual start of batches
  • User managing system with a hierarchy of rights
  • Platform independent, thanks to modern Java technology
  • A Java programming interface for managing giServer and for development of parallelized batch applications
  • GUI for managing server-configurations and permanent control over batch job progress
  • Pluggable batch information and control component for implementation in your own Java client applications
  • Development of your own client applications is easy
  • Extensible via Plugins
  • Various logging mechanisms for individual batches and the giServer itself
  • Currently the giServer supports MS-SQL-Server, DB/2, Informix and HSQL-databases
  • In future we plan to generalize this to arbitrary JDBC-driven systems
  • Access to NoSQL MongoDB-Servers

We offer you the following services

  • Development of individual batch applications and/or plugins
  • Introduction of the giServer usage in your company
  • Individual changes/enhancements to the giServer, tailored to your business demands
  • Individual tailored trainings
  • Basic support
    • E-Mail support
    • Analysis of problem situations
    • Bug fixing (patch files/bug fix versions)
  • Professional support
    • State us your demands

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