Scrum with agileMantis - the approved add on for MantisBT

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agileMantis, the approved scrum add on of MantisBT, has reached the level of 8,500 downloads from sourceforge:

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With the open source product agileMantis gadiv intends to bridge the gap between the bugtracking system MantisBT and agile software development with Scrum, which are two proven tools of modern software development.

MantisBT manages requirements for software products. These requirements are represented by issues that can be picked up and processed for defined target versions of the software. The issues are similar to User Stories in Scrum. However MantisBT provides no further tools which support the software development process using Scrum. With the development of agileMantis this gap has been closed by gadiv.

More information about MantisBT itself you can find here:

agileMantis expands MantisBT with components for project management with Scrum. It is a plugin for existing Mantis installations.

All necessary functions are provided to the user in order to work successfully with Scrum. The ability to create Scrum Teams, to maintain Product Backlogs and to assign Mantis projects to them is as well part of agileMantis as setting up and processing of Sprints.

agileMantis supports the staffing process of a project by managing available capacities of team members (and across teams) for a Sprint or a specific period of time.

An issue can be defined as a User Story that can be assigned to a Product Backlog and thus included in a Sprint. Within a user Story Tasks can be created and edited.

agileMantis Expert is the professional's version of the Open Source application. It takes the Open Source data under highly ergonomic user control, is fully mouse driven and especially includes:

  • multifunctional Taskboard
  • special Daily Scrum reporting mode
  • synchronous full text view of multiple User Stories
  • burndown, velocity and capacity analysis and diagrams

agileMantis is available as open-source software and is offered for free by gadiv. If you want to test the Expert Component first, just order the free trial version. Trial- as well as productive license are retrieved in the same way: Ordering the Licensekey

We also offer the following services around agileMantis:

  • Consultation on the implementation of Scrum
  • Consultation on the implementation of agileMantis in your company
  • Individual adaptations / extensions of agileMantis
  • Individual trainings / briefings
  • Standard and Professional support

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21.06.2015 // The worldwide usage of agileMantis results now in acceptance by the international online magazine

24.09.2014 // MantisBT for agile software development: agileMantis scrum tool becomes official bug tracker plugin
PDF (154 KB)

05.06.2014 // gadiv’s Scrum plugin for MantisBT is now available
PDF (158 KB)


  • MantisBT-PlugIn
    • No modification of source code
  • Product Backlog
    • Project assignment
    • Issues defined as User Stories
    • Estimate with Story Points
    • Estimate with Business Values
  • Sprint Backlog
    • Create and edit Sprints
    • Set Sprint goal(s)
    • Create and edit tasks
  • Build Scrum-Teams
    • Role-based
    • Availability
    • Capacity
  • Custom Settings
    • Filter criteria
    • Sorting
    • Different units of effort possible
  • Expert Components
    • Taskboard
    • Taskboard for Daily Scrum Meeting
    • Statistics with burndown- and velocity-charts


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